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Credit Card Counseling- How it Works

Credit card counseling is a form of financial education that focuses on helping people better manage their credit cards and debt. It is designed to help people understand how to use credit responsibly, develop a budget and repayment plan, and achieve financial freedom.

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Credit counseling is usually non-profit organizations that advise you on managing your money and debts. They usually offer free educational materials and workshops. An initial counseling session typically lasts an hour, with an offer of follow-up sessions.

Note: Credit counselors may help you organize a “debt management plan” for all your debts. Under a debt management plan you make a single payment to the credit counseling organization each month or pay period. The credit counseling organization then makes monthly payments to your creditors.

Under debt management plans, credit counselors usually do not negotiate any reduction in the amounts you owe – instead, they can lower your overall monthly payment. They may do so by getting the creditor to increase the time period over which you can repay a loan.  They may also get creditors to lower the interest rates. Although most credit counseling organizations are non-profits, they may charge fees for their services that they take out of the payments you make to them.


With the option of debt settlement, your debt settlement company negotiates with the lender to agree upon a settlement balance often less than what is owed, to repay the debt. This form of relief is less harmful to your credit score than bankruptcy and can offer some immediate relief from financial pressure drastically lowering your monthly payments.

Which debt relief option is best for you? For many, the answer is debt settlement. But is that the best option for relieving credit card debt? It’s important to review all your options and make the best decision based on your financial reality. Getting a Free Debt Analysis of your financial situation is important in understand which option might be best for you.


Why Choose National Financial Relief?

1. No Upfront Fees - Saving time and money

We do not charge upfront fees and work within the rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) insuring to protect consumers from abusive practices of some debt relief companies. You don’t pay unless you see results first.

2. Instant set up

Flexible plans that can meet any budget. Unlike traditional debt settlement companies, our program terms are structured around your financial hardships and budget allowing us to help more clients become debt free.

3. High acceptance rate

With years of negotiation experience and strong relations with creditors, collections companies and law firms across the country, each clients Debt Resolution plan is carefully reviewed to ensure the best possible outcome for any debt enrolled

4. Excellent Customer Service

Our customers come first. Our team of customer service agents understand the financial difficulties our clients are faced with and will assist every step of the way. With years of experience helping clients, each CSA is highly trained and knowledgeable to answer any question quickly and professionally.

Our Philosophy

At National Financial Relief we are driven by providing just that… “Debt Relief” to people who really need it. We believe that everyone should have access to sound advice, information and the best possible options for their situation. We pride ourselves on offering good quality, caring customer service. Our philosophy is reflected in the feedback we receive from our many happy clients and the results in the successful plans we put forward. Read some of our testimonials below taken from our many client reviews.

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