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How Debt Settlement Works: Is it worth it?

Looking for some help? Need clarity around the debt settlement process? You’re in the right place. Debt relief or debt settlement is a valuable option available for those experiencing growing personal debt burdens or financial hardship. But… It can seem confusing at first. That’s why in this article we aim

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What is Debt

What is Debt & Why is it Dangerous? Debt is a liability that is owed to someone else. It can be a form of borrowing, and it may be secured or unsecured. Debt may also refer to the total amount owed by an individual, company, or country. There are two

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What is Debt Settlement

What is Debt Settlement? Debt settlement is a process where the debtor and the creditor agree to settle the debt for less than what is owed. The debtor, or borrower, has an outstanding debt with a creditor. They have not been able to repay it in full, but they have

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The Reality of Debt Relief

The History of Debt And How It’s Evolved The History of Debt and How It’s Evolved Debt has been around for centuries. Throughout history, debt has been used as a tool for economic development. The first recorded instance of debt dates back to 2400 BC in Mesopotamia where it was

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